The MAiZE at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island is open for its eighteenth season in 2016. Over 500,000 visitors have attended the annual event at the farm. An outstanding family outdoor activity, visitors test their physical and mental skills in the pathways carved into corn over twelve feet tall.

Our Cornfield MAiZE is more than an aerial piece of art. Our MAiZE (an eight acre cornfield maze) offers visitors plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure.
The cornfield maze offers the usual exciting physical and mental challenges. The two-phase maze offers an easier warm up to a more challenging second half, with two 16-foot long observation bridges that give visitors a look across the field and stunning panoramic views of Sauvie Island and the mountains in the distance.


In 1999, Craig Easterly partnered with The Pumpkin Patch Farm on Sauvie Island to create this agri-entertainment event that would feature the beauty of Sauvie Island farms and rich agriculture history. Over the years, thousands of people from all over the Northwest have attended this popular fall event, making it a fun-filled family tradition.

Craig Easterly, the founder of Portland's Original MAiZE, grew up on a farm in Ontario, Oregon located in beautiful Eastern Oregon. It is a place filled with beautiful, enchanting scenery and a wide variety of recreational opportunities and agricultural industries. After graduating from Boise State University, he moved to Portland, Oregon to seek new adventures and discover the Pacific Northwest. His love for nature and farming are evident in his desire to welcome families and friends to the farm every fall.  Come out and enjoy the fun! 

Cornfield Maze

A Maizing News

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2011 Portland Timbers MAiZE

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Portland Timbers MAiZE (Field of Corn)

The Island

Sauvie Island is 10 miles north of Portland, Oregon. Located at the junction of the Columbia River to the east, Willamette River to the south and Multnomah Channel to the west, it is approximately 24,000 acres—about 15 miles long and about four miles wide. The northern 12,000 acres are owned by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and managed as the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. The southern half of the island is graced by farmland, including Century Farms (some that still bear the names of the early pioneers), farmers’ markets, and many U-picks. Please come out enjoy the natural beauty of this charming island.

A Maizing News